Community Resources

GCDHH offers a wide variety of resources for the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing communities. For more information about any of the following resources, please call 404-292-5312 (Voice/TTY) or 1-800-541-0710 (voice/TTY). Or, you can visit for further information.

Resource Rooms

GCDHH office is equipped with resources including but not limited to video tapes, books and other informational materials related to hearing loss topics.  Please call the nearest GCDHH office to inquire about more information on the availability of informational materials.

Public Video Phones

GCDHH office provides the public with an interactive communication tool that enables people to converse with one another using their native language.  Using the public Video Phone allows the community to freely and independently make important phone calls.  It is available during business hours up to 30 minutes prior to closing.  We have private videophone areas.  If there are other people waiting to use the videophone, your calls need to be limited to 15 minutes per call out of respect and fairness of others who need to use the videophone.  Profanity, vulgar language or harassing calls are forbidden.  If caught, one will be banned from using the videophone until further notice.

Notary Service

The GCDHH office located at 4151 Memorial Drive Suite 103-B, Decatur, Georgia 30032 provides a free notary service by appointment only.  If you need documents notarized, feel free to contact us at 404-292-5312 (Voice/TTY) or 1-800-541-0710 (Voice/TTY) for an appointment.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Individuals who wish to experiment with different types of ALDs can visit our GCDHH office.  The office has TV Ears, Pocket talkers and Comfort Duetts to test or loan out.  Visit GCDHH office to test and borrow these devices. We provide a variety of equipment at our Decatur office. Trained staff members are available to assist you and address any questions or concerns you may have. For more information, please call 404-292-5312 (voice/TTY) or 1-800-541-0710 (voice/TTY).

Community Center Rooms

If you are in need of a meeting space for your event, the GCDHH Decatur, has a community room available for members of the general public to use.  Reservations are required.   The community rooms is equipped with FM loop system and microphone for t-coil hearing aid users.  For more information about location of these FM equipped community room, call GCDHH.

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Access to Computers and Internet

GCDHH office provides the public with an opportunity to use a GCDHH computer and Internet to conduct job search online and to submit resumes online.  If you require assistance on how to conduct a basic job search online and/or build a basic resume and learn how to upload your resume, please contact your nearest Rehabilitation Support Specialist for an appointment.  Rehabilitation Support Specialists are available by appointment to assist with basic activities on how to conduct job searches online and building resumes. Please understand that this feature is only to be used to conduct job related activities.