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Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program

Job Description

Position: EDP Specialist

Responsibilities: Assess and train applicants, provide individual and group trainings on how to use telecommunication equipment, deliver, set up and provide on going communication and documentation. Market, promote, and advertise the program to all segments of the population to inform individuals, agencies, and organizations about the program. Recruit and increase the number of individuals to apply for the program. Extensive traveling throughout the state of Georgia.

Reports To: TEDP Coordinator

Salary: Commensurable to experience and education. Full Time/ Exempt with medical and dental benefits


Essential Functions:

  • Manage a case load of qualified applicants which include maintaining concise, accurate and complete case file documentation and routes the case files according to policy.

  • Interviews, demonstrates and trains applicants either one to one or in group settings on how to use various telecommunication equipment that best suits the applicant’s needs and on occasion make eligibility determinations in accordance with program and agency’s policies.

  • Remain in constant communication with applicants and TEDP personnel of the status of their training and expected equipment delivery date and communicates in a professional and courtesy manner.

  • Responsible for ensuring that after training, consumers have a full understanding of how to use their new equipment and ensure the acceptance agreement, training satisfactory form, survey cards, receipt form, and any other necessary forms are completed.

  • Explains to the applicants the acceptance agreement, the training satisfactory form, their rights to complain and appeal a decision, how the warranty works, the 90-day follow ups and other pertinent information.

  • Works as a team player to maintain accurate tracking of inventory. Is responsible for inventory in at least one or more of the satellite offices. Distributes inventory to assigned satellite offices and maintains accurate record keeping of the equipment in house.

  • Assists with hosting TEDP exhibition booths and conducting statewide TEDP workshops as needed.

  • Jointly identifies the telecommunication needs of applicants and together with the applicants, makes decisions as to the best piece of equipment to loan them.

  • Maintains appropriate and confidential detailed, accurate and concise case documentations in case files to include but not be limited to completion of all necessary paperwork for each applicant.

  • Complete monthly reports along with other various reports requested with accurate and detailed information timely.

  • Provides troubleshooting of equipment problems and works closely with the TEDP Coordinator to resolve complaints and issues.

  • Extensive travel statewide to meet the training needs of the applicants includes overnight trips if necessary and exercise good judgement in determining when overnight stay is essential and when it may not be.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with public and private agencies, community-based organizations, and other medical/social agencies that identify and locate individuals with hearing and/or speech impairments.

  •  Collaborate with the Outreach specialist to expand an in-house TEDP marketing database that contains marketing information for all segments of the population such as but not limited to Libraries, Doctors, Medical Centers, Senior Citizens, Vocational Rehabilitations, Center for Independent Living, Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Hearing Aid Specialists, etc.

  • Prepares monthly reports outlining outreach activities and the effectiveness of such efforts.

  • Reports all complaints, emergencies, crisis and threats to the TEDP Coordinator and follows agency’s policy on such incidents.

  • Attend all TEDP and all staff meetings.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the TEDP Coordinator.


High school graduate or equivalent is required. Three years of experience with inventory, various office duties, Microsoft Words & Excel, and knowledge of sign language.


  • Have the ability to communicate in sign language and be able to communicate with individuals with varying degrees of hearing and speech impairments.

  • Must be able to exercise independent decisions, common sense judgment, and express the ability to problem-solve.

  • Able to work in a high speed fast paced environment with strict deadlines

  • Ability to understand how to use all telecommunications equipment.

  • Must have the ability to prioritize task, strong organizational skills and time management.

  • Must be a team player who takes initiatives.