Community Support

It is indeed challenging to find jobs of any kind in today’s job market.  Finding employment is difficult, but not impossible!  In the spirit of our mission, we continue to educate and empower our consumers to conduct job searches.  What does that mean?  We can show you HOW and WHERE to find job vacancies but getting a job still begins with you!

What kind of services does GCDHH offer?

GCDHH offers guidance on where to locate job vacancies online and assists with resume building and translates job applications (if allowed by employer).  Some consumers do not have access to computer or Internet Services, some GCDHH offices offer computer for our consumers to conduct job searches online and to upload a resume or fill out an application online.  Just call GCDHH Headquarters at 404-292-5312 (voice/TTY) or 1-800-541-0710 (voice/TTY) to find out which office has a computer for the consumers to use.

What if I need more assistance than finding job vacancies online and building resumes?

IF a consumer with hearing loss and communication issues needs additional services with job searches, then the consumer must contact their Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselor to get a referral and authorization of services.

With Vocational Rehabilitation Authorization of services, what can GCDHH do?

Once an authorization for services has been received from the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with the number of hours authorized per month, a Rehabilitation Support Specialist who meets the criteria by VR to teach/train will contact the customer to schedule sessions.  The first session will be intake and evaluation to find out what areas need work and outline a service plan with the consumer and the VR counselor.

What are the examples of services GCDHH is authorized to provide?

Personal Social Adjustment Training: Develop social skills and behaviors that are favorable for job marketing.

Job Readiness Training: Find job vacancies, learn resume building.  Conduct Mock Interviews

Job Coaching: This is designed after a person is already working but needs additional training.

Can I ask for PSAT, Job Readiness Training, or Job Coaching without authorization from VR?

  1. You must contact your VR counselor to ask about authorization for this type of training.

Have more questions?

I am employed, but experienced discrimination issues with my employer; can a Rehabilitation Support Specialist assist me with filing discrimination process to appropriate agencies?  Absolutely! Can GCDHH offer Sensitivity Training to my Employer if needed? Yes! Contact your nearest Rehabilitation Support Specialist to set up an appointment.  For more information, call 404-292-5312 (voice/TTY) or 1-800-541-0710 (voice/TTY).