GCDHH Programs

Work/Life Transformation
Our experienced team of Rehabilitation Support Specialists (RSS) is available to assess, guide, empower, represent and educate individuals with various stages of hearing loss and communication issues. RSS’s assist businesses and organizations educating them on principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act, advantages and benefits of hiring those with disabilities, and through identification of assistive technology and other accommodations contributing to success in the workplace. GCDHH remains committed to helping those with hearing loss obtain their dream jobs, be it through competitive employment, customized employment, or higher education. RSS’s, with referral and authorization from the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA), provide employment guidance in the areas of Assessment, Work Literacy, Job Readiness, Job Coaching, and Personal and Social Adjustment.

Rehabilitation Support Assistance
GCDHH will serve as an information and referral clearinghouse for issues pertaining to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. For instance, we offer information and literature about interpreters, hearing aids, parenting a deaf child, rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sign language classes, Deaf culture, locating social services and more. Our web site (www.gcdhh.org) is a source for a wealth of information. People may also contact us in person, by phone, mail, fax or email as well as relay and video relay services.

Community Outreach
GCDHH reaches out to the community through a wide variety of workshops with a goal of empowerment and education. GCDHH ensures that all GCDHH workshops are accessible to the community. In addition, GCDHH also provides presentations to various organizations and agencies with a goal of expanding the public’s awareness of issues pertaining to people who have hearing loss.

Georgia Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program
Founded in 2003 by the Georgia State Legislature and managed by the Public Service Commission, TEDP (Georgia Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program) provides free telecommunications equipment to qualified applicants who have a hearing or speech impairment. GCDHH is responsible for administering the program, distributing the equipment and providing training sessions.

Camp Juliena
Established in 1992 by members of the Georgia Association of the Deaf, Camp Juliena is a week-long residential camp program for youth and teens who are deaf or hard of hearing. Through challenging, team-oriented activities campers form lasting friendships, as well as leadership, social and communication skills. For an application, go to http://www.gcdhh.org/gcdhh-programs/camp-juliena/

Assistive Listening Device Loan
We lend out assistive listening devices to allow hard of hearing individuals to experiment with devices such as pocket talker, TV ears, Comfort Duett and other available devices before they purchase their own assistive listening device.

GCDHH’s Evolving!
One of our new roles will be to identify gaps in service at VR, Cave Springs, Warm Springs and CRP (Easter Seals, Goodwill, etc.), documentation and provision of quarterly training around closing those gaps, and providing input to the State Plan. Through GCDHH, you will have a voice in what services are needed, how well existing services are being provided and where improvement needs to occur. That’s what transformation is about!

Monetary Contribution
GCDHH appreciates those who donate monetary support for various programs There is so much work to do and people to serve, but there are limits in terms of investing enough funds to expand programs and serve more customers.  For those who want to see GCDHH expand and are in a position to make a financial contribution, please donate and watch us grow!  Your financial contribution is tax deductible!

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