Community Education and Outreach

Reaching out to the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing loss communities is an important part of GCDHH’S mission. When we make ourselves accessible to others, individuals are more likely to take advantage of our services themselves or tell a loved one about GCDHH. It also promotes acceptance and understanding between diverse hearing and hearing-loss groups.

What kinds of workshops and resources does GCDHH offer?

One key way we connect with the community is by offering informational workshops and resources. Examples include:

  • What Are Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)?
  • TTY, VP And VRS Training
  • Health Prevention Topics
  • Fire Safety
  • ADA related Topics in all settings
  • How And When To Get An Interpreter or Auxiliary Aids
  • Town Hall Sessions
  • How to Protect Ourselves from Scams and Frauds
  • How to Work with People with Hearing Loss
  • Voter Registration
  • Communication Access Technologies
  • Emergency Preparedness Training with GEMA
  • Mental Health Education
  • Bi Annual GACHI Health & Resource Fair
  • Various Booth sessions

How do I find out about upcoming workshops?

Watch for events on this website or check out and ‘Like’ our Facebook page, GCDHH Serving Deaf & Hard of Hearing, or on Twitter at #GCDHHtweets, for regular updates.

Do all workshops take place at GCDHH offices?

No. In fact, GCDHH frequently conducts workshops at outside locations, including government departments and agencies, businesses, organizations and schools.

Can community groups or organizations use GCDHH’s community rooms for meeting place?

Absolutely! Some of our offices have space for meetings, trainings and workshops. They exist for the surrounding community, and by accommodating requests for meeting space, we’re reinforcing GCDHH’s goal of being a valuable resource for all community members.  Please call your local GCDHH office to see if there are spaces available.

How can I get a schedule of upcoming workshops?

Just call GCDHH Headquarters at 404-292-5312 (voice/TTY) or 1-800-541-0710 (voice/TTY) to obtain a schedule of workshops planned for the community.

Can GCDHH make an in-service presentation to my company or agency?

We try our best to accommodate all presentation requests. For more information or to request a presentation, call 404-292-5312 (voice/TTY) or 1-800-541-0710 (voice/TTY).  Our service fee is based on the numbers of people or how many hours the workshop/training will be.