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Work with Us! 

Do you want to work with the Deaf community in Georgia? Take a look at the positions available and see which is the best match for you.

Available Positions

Contact us using the 'Apply' buttons below and attach your resume. If you have general questions, please email us at Thank you! 

ASL Instructor

Type: Contractor 

Requirements: Fluent in ASL, Reliable Network Connection and Technology

Location: Tucker or Remote

Are you passionate about teaching ASL? Want a job where you can work from home while spreading knowledge on ASL and Deaf culture? Apply today to be an ASL Instructor for GCDHH. 

Our instructors teach classes of 15 students on Zoom or in-person. The classes range from ASL 1 - 3. You will follow the syllabus using the supplemental textbook in an immersive "voice-off" environment and support the students by answering questions during class and through email. 

Each course runs for 8 weeks. The class meets once a week for two hours. You are required to use your own computer and webcam for class. ASLPI 4 and teaching expereience preferred. 


Type: Contractor 

Requirements: Nationally Certified 

Location: Georgia,  We accept out-of-state interpreters for remote assignments. 

We provide services in person and virtually. GCDHH is one of the only Deaf-owned interpreting agencies in the state of Georgia. We provide services for every kind of assignment from Educational to Medical to Legal. All of our interpreters must hold National Interpreter Certification (NIC, CDI, CI-CT, BEI, CSC) and be qualified to work on a range of assignments. We are always looking for more interpreters, reach out to us today! 

Job Coach 

Type: Contractor

Requirements: Fluent in ASL and English, High School Diploma/GED  

Locations: Georgia 


Job Coaches are community oriented with a passion for helping people find the perfect job. You will work closely with Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing clients searching for employment by providing interview tips, resume building, and accompanying your clients to interviews and training to ensure a smooth transition into independence, competence, and confidence at the workplace. 

If you want to assist with breaking barriers and helping others gain employment from a person-centered perspective, reach out to us! 

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