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Interpreting Services

Don't be overwhelmed by the process of hiring an interpreter - Let GCDHH Help!

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A qualified (Sign Language, Signed English, or Oral) interpreter is an interpreter who is able to interpret effectively, accurately, and impartially, both receptively and expressively, using any necessary specialized vocabulary.


All GCDHH Interpreters are required to follow the NAD RID Code of Conduct and HIPAA. 28 Code of Federal Regulations 36.104 Section 36.303 Auxiliary Aid and Services.

The next time you need an on-site interpreter or interpreter for video remote interpreting (VRI), please give this card to your provider so they will know that GCDHH is your preferred interpreting agency.

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Stagehands performance

Make your upcoming production accessible to your audience by having ASL interpretation. Our interpreters are highly qualified and experienced in theater interpreting and are ready to work with you and your team.  

Woman performing at Stagehands
Man performing at Stagehands
Stagehands performance
Pay for Services

Pay for Interpreting Services

If you received interpreting services from GCDHH, please pay your invoice here through Donorbox. Please check the "Write us a comment" box and add your invoice number in the field.  If you have questions/concerns, please email us at

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